Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a CDA Project or Activity? 

A: It Means a specific project or activity to be completed by an Applicant relating to any of the enumerated areas as referenced in the definition of the Community Development and as set out in Section 8 of the Kahkewistahaw 1907 Specific Claim Trust CDA Policies & Procedures "SAMPLING OF PROJECTS OR ACTIVITIES THAT MAY BE FUNDED FROM THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNT"- Located on pages 14-16.

Q: Who Approves the CDA applications for funding? 

A: All funds disbursed to and from the Community Development Account shall be administered by the Trustees. Further, all decisions with respect to the approval of disbursement of monies from the Community Development Account in relation to all applications received shall be made and approved by motion of the Trustees. 

Q: What is a Follow-up Report? 

A: A follow-up report is to be completed by an Applicant which confirms how funding received by an Applicant in respect of a Community Development has been expended and which includes for greater certainty all supporting receipts, invoices and related documenation verifying expenditure of the funding proceeds received. The respective follow-up reports are required to be completed by Applicants in respect of funding received under the Individual Member Category, Business Category and Community Category.

Q: Why is it important to indicate a  "COMPLETION DATE  (Month/day/year)"  on the CDA applications ?

A:  It is an important requirement, the completion dates comes into play with the Follow-up Report deadline date. (i.e.:An Applicant writes down October 31, 2019. From that specific date, you have (60) Calendar days to get in your Follow-Up Report along with all payment receipt(s)/invoice(s) in relation to the approved CDA Project/Activitiy. 

Q: What happen's if the Approved Funding is Misused? 

A: According to the CDA Policies and Procedures section 13.05 it states, that "Unused funds or funds used for purposes other than what was approved in the Applicant's application must be returned to the Kahkewistahaw 1907 Specific Claim Trust Office, by certified cheque, unless otherwise approved by the Trustees". In a situation where an Applicant does not comply with the terms and provisions associated with their application, the Trustees may in addition to the withholding if further payments exercise any rights or remedies they may have in law agianst the Applicant. 

Q: What happens when a Category becomes Expended?

A: Each category will reset every fiscal year. Once the Annual Distribution amount has been confirmed, the operating budget shall be formally approved before January 31 of the Fiscal Year abd shall become the official operating budget for the Community Development Account for the Fiscal Year. 

Q: What happens if a funded Applicant does NOT submit a Follow-up Report?

A: Applicants who fail to comply with the required terms and conditions associated with their application or fail to complete and submit their Follow-up Report within the (60) calendar day time period specified in section 13.07 shall be considered "ineligible" from receiving any further funding from the Community Development Account for any other project or activity until such time as a full accounting has been provided to the Trustees in relation to their original application. 

Q: Do you have to be living-on Kahkewistahw First Nation to benefit from the CDA? 

A: No, you do not have to be living-on the First Nation to apply or receive funding from one of the CDA Categories.  The Council, on behalf of the First Nation or any Individual Band Member, Business Entity or Organization that meets the defintion of an Applicant under the CDA Policy, may apply to the Trustees for funding of a proposed Community Development project or activity. 

Q: How do I receive the approved funding?

A: Approved Applicants will receive their funding amount by mail or through personal pick up from Kahkewistahaw 1907 Sepcific Claim Trust office, which shall be signed for and dated by the receipt. 

Q: What happens if I submit an Incomplete Application? 

A: In order to prevent possible rejection, the application forms may not be altered or revised and all sections must be completed in full. The Community Development Administrator shall NOT be responsible for undertaking any follow-up telephone calls or inquiries requesting information in order to complete any submitted applications. It shall be the Responsibility of each Applicant to provide all required information in conjuction with their application. 

Q:What is a Operational Management Plan and why does it pertain to the Community Category?

A: The Operation Management Plan is important because it is an efficient use of resources. All Organizations, large and small, have limited resources . The planning provides the information that program managers need to make effective decisions about how the to allocate the resources in a way that will enable your Community Development Project or Activity to reach its objectives. 

Q: How can I submit my Application or Follow-up Report? 

A:  Application and Follow-up Reports can be submitted to the Community Development Administrator by the following options:

  • In person (Located at the Kahkewistahaw 1907 Speific Claim Trust Office)
  • By Electronic submission (Fax or Scanned Email) 
  • By Mail ( P.O Box 910, Broadview, SK S0G0K0)

Q: What is Business Plan?

A: A Business Plan is a document which describes the legal structure and operation of the business and proposed business and setting out a business's future objective and strategies which includes, but is not limited to, an executive summary of business, of the business, business description of the business and its management., market analysis, organization management, revenue and sales forecasts, funding requirements and financial statements or projected financial statements relating to the business.