14.01  Act In Good Faith: Each Trustees owes a duty, jointly and severally with other Trustees, to the First Nation and the members to act with the utmost good faith in his or her dealings with the Trust Property and to discharge all of his or her obligations and duties under this Agreement faithfully, honestly, to the best of his or her ability and without purpose

or result of personal gain, except as permitted under the terms of this Agreement.

(Page 35)

  • 14.06  Reports to Members: The Trustees shall provide to Eligible Members, within one hundred and fifty (150) days of the end of each Fiscal Year, a written report summarizing the activites of the Trust during the past Fiscal Year together with such information as the Trustees deem appropriate. Such written report shall be mailed, together with a copy of the audited financial statements for the Trust for such a Fiscal Year to the last known address of each Eligible Member to the extent such an address is known.
  • 14.07  Meeting of Members: The Trustees shall at least once in each Fiscal Year hold meetings with the Members at locations deemed appropriate by the Council provided that a meeting is held at one location on the Reserve and at least one location off Reserve in each of the Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. At such meetings, the Trustees shall present the written report referred to in section 13.06, the audited financial statements, details of the investment of the Trust Property and the future plans for the use and investment of Trust Property.

17. Conflict of Interest (Page 40) Only addresses contracts

  • 17.01 Related: for the purpose of this article "related" shall mean ones immediate family, being ones spouse or biological or adoptive parent, child, brother or sister.

17.02 Duty to Disclose: A Trustee who:

(a) is a party to a contract, or proposed contact of the Trustees, entered into or to be entered into in accordance with this Agreement;


(b) is a director or an officer of or has an interest in or is related to any Person who is a party to a contract or proposed contract or proposed contract of the Trustees entered into or to be entered into accordance with this Agreement, shall disclose in writing to the other Trustees, or shall request to have entered in the minutes of meetings of Trustees, the nature and extent of the Trustee's relationship and extent of his or her interest.